photopuralist* - photopuralism* 2022 Jan 20

what is a photopuralist* ?

the photographer who follows the philosophy of photopuralism* - integrating all these idealistic beings: purist, realist, documentarist, contemporist, verist

what is photopuralism* ?

as an idea - photopuralism* is the comprehensive philosophy driving the photopuralist* in all his photographic life and work. as a fortune and destiny - photopuralism* is made of these essential steps or ingredients: photons captured and mastered through the lens and banned on a light-sensitive film emulsion, or transformed into photoelectric signals by a sensor chip; accurately captured from spatiotemporal scenes which preserve their pure, unique, plain, realistic, contemporary (and in same time already historic!) situation. the careful visual reproduction and rendition of the photograph to the viewer is equally important as capturing the whole atmosphere in order to assure the original scene as much originally as the medium allows.

a photopuralistically captured photograph is an image which is not cropped. the photographer must imagine and compose the desired visual effect of the image to be taken before pressing the shutter release! once the picture is captured, no alterations are allowed; the only optional exceptions are the resizing of the file for lighter file size and faster display on the internet. as resizing is spoiling the quality of the visual impression, a gentle 'unsharp mask' might be beneficial to re-establish the visual sharpness of the scene.